Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A week of strengthening...

Another beautiful day in Chapel Hill & things are looking just as sunny in the PICU. Isaac had a steady night last night, with his pH & lactate levels slowly working their way towards ideal. They began slowly feeding him breast milk through the NG tube yesterday to test his tolerance for it. So far, it has been successful! The doctors have now increased the amount of milk he will receive. They have decided to wait another week before attempting to extubate again. This will give him time to get stronger as he's now receiving breast milk. Thanks to BAZI, the milk being produced has been rich in color & consistancy, indicating optimum nutrition for Isaac. Also, the respiratory therapists will closely monitor his ventilator settings over the next week, gradually teaching his lungs to function on their own.

We are so grateful for the care Isaac has received here at UNC. All of the doctors & nurses have given him such excellent care, concerned with what is best for our sweet boy rather than trying to hit a certain timeline. We're truly grateful for their care & expertise. As we've been here for three weeks already with several more still to come, friendships are developing with the staff of the PICU. What a blessing! Thank you, Lord, for surrounding our boy with such excellent care! So many people have to travel several hours from all parts of the state & nation to receive treatment here at UNC. We are truly fortunate to have this incredible hospital so close by.

This will be a week of resting & strengthening for our sweet son, giving him some much needed rest after three weeks of procedures & interventions. He looks stronger by the day. Lord, thank you for this beautiful boy! We're eager to see all He has in store for this precious life.

Daddy getting Isaac started off on the right foot. Go Gators!

Mommy giving Isaac a bath. Got to get those neck folds clean!


Crystal S said...

The pictures are really cute. I am so glad that the hospital staff is caring. It is one of the best hospitals in the country.

anita said...

Woohoo! Keep getting stronger, Little Buddy!

I love you guys!

Karen said...

OK, first things first... Nathan WILL be teaching him to say "Go Buckeyes" before you know it!!! Another generation added to our friendly rivalry! Go, Isaac!!! On that -- complete unity! :)

Second, glad you're having some fun and normal, precious parent moments. Showing us all not to take the precious gift of life for granted! Praise God for everything he's providing to you and through you.

Lots of love to you all! RKNBE

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the good news. From the looks of that picture, it looks like Isaac wants nothing to do with the Gators. You know, he truly was "Tar Heel born"...just ask anyone in the hospital, I'm sure they can finish the song. Can you tell it's March Madness around here...Our family rejoices with your family for God's faithfullness.

Mike, Erin, Lilly and Lila

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Isaac is getting better day by day; Thank the Lord!

Bryant & Hilary

the figs said...

AMEN!!!!! woot woot! God is so awesome! This is really great news. i know it's repetitive, but thanks so much for keeping us updated & putting up pics of your private moments w/isaac. it keeps me grounded & grateful for the family i have & joyful that you'd share with us.

we luv you 3!!!!!
<3 the figs

Julie said...

Hey Leino family,

I don't know you, but I do know your friend/co-worker, Mari Taylor and she said it was ok to contact you. She and I are leaders of a women's Bible study at our church. I'm 19 weeks pregnant and my son was just diagnosed with HLHS last week and we had our first meeting with Dr. Cotton yesterday. I know you're probably busy but I'd love to talk sometime since I'll be going through all the same stuff in about 4 months. Praise God that Isaac is doing well, I'm praying for him and you two as well.