Monday, March 19, 2007

Next Hurdle: Extubation

Our next hurdle is to successfully extubate Isaac. This was not attempted today as the doctors want to give him a bit more time to recover, strengthen his lungs, & decrease the edema in his vocal chords & pharynx. They will reevaluate his stats & ventilator settings each day to determine when optimal time for extubation will be. Once this is achieved, the focus will turn to successful weaning of all narcotics (fentanyl was weaned today) & then feeding.

Isaac has been more active today, moving his arms & opening his eyes from time to time. What a sweet little boy! He's quite a looker :)


the figs said...

we'll be praying for a successful extubation, strong lungs & no edema in isaac's vocal chords & pharynx & a weaning off of all narcotic meds. so glad to hear that he's been more active today. he's a gorgeous chunky monkey :-)
can't wait to see him @ C3. boy, are you guys gonna have lots of people loving on isaac.......
<3 the figs

Crystal Nichols said...

Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that our Lord will continue to strengthen you all and that He will give a special touch to Isaac so that Isaac heals completely. We love you all. May God bless you today with His continued peace, love, and joy.

Dustin Vasko said...

Praying for you and baby Isaac!

Lord, may your healing hand be with baby Isaac and restore every little cell in his body for your glory - Amen!

Also, Lord please give strenght, peace, and wisdom to the Doctors who are involved with baby Isaac.
May there be divine connections and understanding to further help the treatment and healing process - Amen!

Anonymous said...

You folks are in my prayers, you show up in my dreams, and every day I'm on the edge of my computer seat to find out how the little guy is doing. Hug grandmommy Chris for me!
--Kathy Hughes

Lynn & Ronnie said...

You are in our prayers and thoughts daily. We will continue to pray for each of the things you mentioned. I had a dream last night of precious Isaac running up and down the isles of C3 laughing and giggling and Jordan chasing after him. I believe that it is just a matter of time!
Lynn & Ronnie