Monday, March 05, 2007

8 days old

It's a beautiful morning here in Chapel Hill & our sweet boy is more handsome than ever! He had several moments of moving his precious arms around & opening his eyes for a bit. With each passing day, we see more of the sweet baby side of him. He was so swollen after surgery from all the necessary medications, bless his heart. Our own little cream puff! He has responded well to the Lasix & has gone from resembling the Michelin Man to looking like our baby boy again. Last night, Dr. Carboneta came by to check on Isaac, reporting that he is progressing in recovery better than they anticipated. Early this morning, Dr. Mill's nurse, Carla, did a squeeze test on Isaac to help determine when he'll be ready for closure of the chest cavity. This test involves squeezing the ribcage back together & watching his levels for fluctuation, such as blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen saturations, etc. She said he did very well! Dr. Mill will be by later today to assess Isaac himself & determine when they will perform the closing surgery. At this point, they're anticipating tomorrow morning! Our prayer is that Isaac continues to hold steady & Dr. Mill is able to close him up in the morning. A lot can occur between now & then, so please pray!

We still have not heard back from genetics, but did receive some promising news this afternoon. The major concern at birth was the presence of DiGeorge syndrome due to the combination of heart defect, excess neck skin, cleft palate, lower ears (& one malformed). One element consistent with DiGeorge is the underdevelopment or complete lack of the thymus, a organ crucial in immune system fuction & development. During the course of his surgery, Dr. Mill would have needed to move this organ had it been in place to get to Isaac's heart. Carla reported to us this morning that a fully developed thymus was in place during time of surgery! This information is very promising! Praise God! Continue to pray as we wait for the genetics labs to come back, but thank the Lord for this bright ray of hope regarding DiGeorge! With each passing day, our sweet boy looks healthier & more resilient. God is working in our Isaac!

So at this point, the major concerns remain his chest closure, diaphragm, genetics results, & hearing. His left ear appears to have no opening to the canal. Once Isaac is excubated, they can test his hearing. So please pray our boy has the ability to hear!

Jordan & I are doing well. Since Isaac made it through the first 48 hours post-op successfully, we finally had the peace of mind to sleep at the Ronald McDonald House last night instead of staying through the night at the hospital. Rest certainly does the body good! Though this has been a trying week, we've grown closer in friendship & as husband & wife. What a sweet time together it has been.

So overall, things are looking up! Other than losing my new camera, the three Leinos are doing incredibly well. We don't know how to adequately express all our gratitude for all of you, for your prayers & encouragement through this part of the journey. We look forward to one day showing our sweet boy the hundreds of prayers, cards, & notes that were sent on his behalf. What does God have in store for this precious child of His?!

Prayer Requests:
1::Chest closing - no complications, good blood pressure, minimal swelling, lung strength
2::Diaphragm - healing of eventration, ability to breathe on his own
3::Genetics - a clear, good report with no defects or abnormalities
4::Hearing - ability to hear


Anonymous said...

He has beautiful eyes!! Praise God for what he has done for Isaac's recovery already. I look forward to the day when I can all meet your sweet boy!!

God Bless


Anonymous said...

Hey Leinos!! You continue to live in faith for the Lord and that will be enough expression of gratitude. You look beautiful as always - okay, Jordan, you do too. You have such a beautiful baby - our prayers are with you. Please know that God is in control and get some more rest.


Anonymous said...

That's really wonderful news. He has such beautiful eyes. We will continue to pray here in Maryland.


HardCor said...

What a beautiful baby boy. There is such power in prayer and continued steadfast reliance on the Lord! Blessed be baby Isaac for his wonderful parents who stay by his side, love him deeply, and trust in the Lord for his soon and full recovery. My family is keeping you all in our prayers.


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is wonderful news!! Praise the Lord for the miracle that he has worked on Baby Leino so far! We will continue to pray that they can close his chest up successfully. We love seeing his eyes opened! He is so beautiful!

Hilary & Bryant

Erika and David said...

That's wonderful news! We will keep you all in our prayers.

He's looking more and more like his daddy!

Love and Blessings sent to you!

the figs said...

wonderful news!
we'll continue praying for the 3 of you & the specific items in the post. i'll pass the word to those that are agreeing with us.

<3 the figs

Anonymous said...

This is such wonderful news. We have been checking the computer constantly over the weekend and today. We will of course continue our prayers for you all and look forward to the promising updates.
Angela Clinard and family

Anonymous said...

Praise God for the good news. He is a good looking young man. I can't wait to meet him. Stephanie and I will continue to pray for Isaac. Love you all.


Anonymous said...

God is so faithful and He has certainly blessed Isaac with incredibly wonderful parents. Issac is beautiful and what an incredible testimony his and your journey is for all who read it. Continued prayers for healing, peace, wisdom, and discernment being lifted up. And it is great that you both were able to get some sleep.

Anonymous said...

We love the 3 of you and are continuing to have as many people as we can in Annapolis pray for you. Your faith has been so encouraging to everyone who hears Isaac's story. I read 2 Cor 1 today and couldn't help but think of you guys. God bless!

Eric, Emily, & Abi

Anonymous said...

Issac you look so charming, What a blessing you are to your Mommy and Daddy, I bet you will play the piano one day Maybe better than daddy?
Patience and Jordan,
May you guys be overcome with Peace and Joy. I know it is Stressful at moments, but the Blessings are sure to overflow with time. See you guys soon.


Anonymous said...

What great news!!!!!!!!!!!! He looks beautiful and it's good to know that you're taking care of yourself a little as well - sleep always helps out - we are in constant prayer and have lots of family and friends in prayer for the three of you as well. God Bless - thanks for the updates.
Sharon and Jimmy Jackson

Jennifer said...

He is so Handsome!!!
And it makes me wanna cry through to see this pictures of him...and all the stuff the poor guy has to be hooked up to...I can't even image how you and Jordan must feel...anyways your whole family is in everyone of my prayers...if you ever need anything let me know...


Anonymous said...

Hi, it is Bob & Donna Winckler, our daughter Melissa is a friend of Corine's,we want you to know you are in our thoughts and prayers, we continue to believe God for His miracles for your beautiful baby boy, and for His peace that passes all understanding to be upon you, his loving parents. Our hearts leap for joy at well he is doing, he will be in our prayers tomorrow....

Anonymous said...

awwww he is sooo CUTE.
Love you guys soo Much
I am soo Praying for you.

Anonymous said...

and aww says amanda

he is sooo cute!

Anonymous said...

You are certainly in our prayers, especially those of my 3 1/2 year old. She faithfully prays for Baby Isaac (and you). He looks like a wonderful little boy, and we pray for continued good news.

Renee (dr. fowler's daughter), Kate (3yr old), and Natalie Greene

Pattersons said...

He looks so handsome, we know God will use him in so many special ways. He will hold each of you up in our prayers, God Bless

Crystal S said...

He is very handsome! I wonder who he looks like the most.... Miss ya! God is with you.


Bethany said...

I just heard about you and your baby today from Bre Wheeler, and my family and I will be praying ardently for you. Your attitude is strong and Christ-like, and I'm sure that will influence everyone around you. I have no doubt that God will strengthen your gorgeous little boy and equip him to use this experience to share God in a profound way (I know this from my own life!) Reading your story has made me appreciate my baby girl, who had a difficult, prolonged, and ultimately emergency delivery, all the more...
love and earnest prayers,
Bethany (Canzanella), Russ, and Olivia Warren

Anonymous said...

What a little cutie trying to do all of his baby stuff just right! He is full of the spirit. I know the angels are with him. You all are in our prayers. Your faith is so strong, as is that of your sibs, mother, and uncle and his faily, and your dear grandfather. Love, Aunt Cora

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful baby God has made! You tell Issac that we can't wait to meet him! We look forward to see God's plan for him. God bless you all.

Scott & Harriett Moody

Anonymous said...

Our God is an awesome God! The 2 of you, baby Isaac, the Dr's & your family have all been in our prayers. This current news is wonderful. Praise God. Baby Isaac has such beautiful eyes. Your family will continue to be in our prayers.

Steven & Kristina

Lynn & Ronnie said...

He is precious! Thanks for sharing the photos with all of us who are steadfastly praying for him. We will continue to pray for the three of you and the specific things you listed. Baby Isaac is a part of each of our lives. He has touched so many already! We can't wait to see him. I want you to know that he is being prayed for in prayer groups in Great Britain, Canada, Japan and Australia. I have shared this beautiful story of love, courage and faith with others who are also praying for Isaac daily.
Lynn & Ronnie Thomas

Crystal N. said...

Praise the Lord! God is definitely hearing all of our prayers. He is so beautiful. Your faith is such a testimony during this time. I can only imagine how God is using you all to show His love, peace, hope, and joy to all of those around you. Psalm 55:22 says, "Cast your cares on the Lord, and he will sustain you." We will keep praying.

Sarah said...

Isaac is a fighter, I can tell! I can see the determination in his eyes. He's so precious. Thank you for keeping us updated. It is so evident that God is continuing to answer prayer. May God renew your strength each morning.

Anonymous said...

We all believe in God's miracles, but when faced with the outpouring of his true grace and power, you must just stand in complete awe of what He really can do. Isaac is a testimony to us all! I wonder if he will ever realize how many people's eyes he has re-opened to our wonderful God! You must be so proud. Prayers are with you all continuously!! Love and peace to you!

The Papworth's (Cory, Robin, Ali & Daniel)

Anonymous said...

Dear Pai, Jordan, and Isaac,

Hello and blessings from INDIA little guy...we are praying for you...I have spent the past week in the ICU with another little guy born 2 months early here in India...His name is two prophets born to do great things for God!!! Hallelujah!! I know one thing God IS IN CONTROL!!! "Behold I stand and abide in the midst of you; fear not!" Haggai 2:5 I love you guys Cindy

Anonymous said...

"He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty."

We serve a great God; it's wonderful how He's working for his glory through the 3 of you all. We love you and are praying for you.

Anonymous said...

Abraham trusted God with Issac,
You both trust God with your Issac,
I see nothing but God in this, just trust and know God is in Control. He has already used this to minister to all who have prayed and check on you and him, by your actions and in this blog, I know I will never be the same, after reading all this, you have givin me strength. God is great!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing so much of your journey to parenthood - I have found myself appreciating my 2 girls even more and thanking God everyday that they drive me crazy! Just wait until Isaac turns 2 and is into more than everything - You make a beautiful family - Thank you again for sharing your little guy with us! Know that prayer will work and he will be perfectly Isaac very soon.

Anonymous said...

Is there anything you guys need? A new camera... or anything we can drop of for you or anyone at the McDonald House? Please let us all know and maybe we can give back to you or the nurses or anyone who you want to bless.

Anonymous said...

He's too cute! God has blessed you!