Saturday, March 31, 2007

Still Critical

Isaac is definitely a fighter! He's doing slightly better than he was Wednesday night, but is still very sick & in critical condition. The fact that we don't know what caused this week's issues causes concern for the days that lay ahead. Even though his CO2 is down & his pH is looking good, his lactate is too high & his organs are working very hard right now. Every now & then, his heart rate will sporatically escalate for unknown reasons, & also has been having circulation problems in his arms & legs. The edema is beginning to improve though he still has a long way to go.

We are deeply grateful for the flood of prayers & encouragement we've received for our sweet boy. This journey has truly been a medical roller coaster for Isaac, & an emotional one for us. Even though it is extremely difficult, we continue to place our trust in God, knowing He's in control & has a purpose & plan for all of this.


Anonymous said...

Praying daily with fervor for Isaac and both of you- love you
Angela Carl

Anonymous said...

Praise God for what He has done so far. And for what He will continue to do. What a strong little boy you have. Even though I know you must be exhausted, and weary, and scared, your faith still astounds me. Our family prays for all three of you, and we will continue to pray for healing for Isaac.

The Rando Family

rebekah king said...

we are still diligently praying my friend- and many of of our lifepoint crew down here in wilmington. God is faithful and he is keeping a careful vigil over Isaac. to God be the glory for everything- he is in control.

we love you! -psalm 113

Rhonda Garrett said...

Thank you for taking the time to give us all an update - frankly it worried me that you hadn't posted anything in a few days but PRAISE GOD that Isaac is improving, even if slowly. I am praying God is giving you two the grace and strength you need each day and 'peace that passes understanding' sleep whenever you can grab some. And of course, praying for continued improvement for Isaac.

Love in Christ,
Rhonda Garrett (Julie Miles' mom)

david and erika said...

Jesus loves the little children.

It's not just that Isaac is a fighter, Patience, it's that he also has "child like" faith. The most innocent and powerful faith there is.

He was born into a family where both his mommy and daddy are in love with their Savior! He feels your faith! He has heard you singing and heard his daddy playing and knows that God means love!

Isaac is so blessed. He is so loved by many around the country and probably around the world!

"Every thing I need is you
Is you Lord"

We are diligently praying and praising God for the mighty works He has already done in Isaac's life!

I know that God has greatness in store for your sweet boy!

Anonymous said...

Isaac is going to make it through all of this. His ability to withstand everything thus far proves that.

God has a wonderful purpose and plan for this little boy. When he becomes old enough, Isaac will be able to share his testimony with those facing strong adversities. He will be an encouragement to those who will need it. Look what he has done already!

We share your desire for the day Isaac is given a clean bill of health and is able to come home.

Ken and Rebecca VanderWerff

Anonymous said...

It was so good to see Jordon at church tonight with his smiling face sing praises to God. Isaac has touched so many hearts across this nation of ours. He has brought many back to Jesus and what a miracle God is working thru this little one. I find myself just stopping and praying so many times during the day and night. I know God has little Isaac and you two is his loving arms and will continue to bless Isaac.

I know the road is rough right now, but hold steadfast to your faith and it will get better. You have 12 (that I know of) churches in New York praying for you and in Tenn., Kentucky and Florida. Your sweet family has touched so many lives honey.

Stay strong and hurry home to C3. We are praying constantly.

We Love you,
Jim & Carol C.

Jacob Mendoza said...

This is the first time I've come across this blog on Isaac. I'm a student at LU and Corinne was in my sister dorm last year. Needless to say that I will be praying for your requests and checking to see any updates. Blessings to you all.

Anonymous said...

I'm so relieved to read the latest post. I will not stop praying for him and for you two also. Words can't begin to express how much I am in awe of your faith. This has helped lead me back to the Lord much to my surprise. Joy and peace have come flooding back into my heart and I will never forget Isaac. When he grows up he will have so many people who remember him and what has been done through him and through your faith. I'm anxiously awaiting more news of improvement in his health.

Anonymous said...

checking in often and praying for continued intervention from our Great Physician.

Anonymous said...

We are believing in God's healing for Isaac.
Know this: we are praying you through this.....
Our God is an awesome God! And we thank him for answering our prayers.
Thank you for the updates! I'm not always able to comment as I'd like to, but please know that ya'll are always on our minds and in our prayers. Please take good care of yourselves. It's very important to get as much rest as you can and feed your bodies nutritiously. I have a special story to share with you one day about how Isaac's battle has touched the life of one of my loved ones.
We love you,
Al and Sue <><

Anonymous said...

still praying here as well. your little boy has been a blessing to our family already as we have reunited in prayer. isaac has such strength already. we will keep him and both of you lifted up in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Constant and fervernt prayer coming from the Boyd's
God Almighty is in control. He is your strength and Isaac's healer.

Crystal Nichols said...

Psalm 71:5 (NLT), "O Lord, you alone are my hope. I've trusted you, O Lord, from childhood."

This has been such a long, difficult road for you all. It reminds me of the song, "Praise You in the Storm" because that is what you have been doing. Your personal testimony through this has been amazing.

Please know that Isaac and your family are daily in our thoughts and prayers. I pray that the Lord will give the doctors and nurses wisdom in how to help Isaac, and for the Lord to heal Isaac completely.

Thanks for keeping us updated. Hang in there. Keep your eyes on the Lord, and He will sustain you.

Isaiah 53:4-5, "Surely he took up our infirmities and carried our sorrow,... But he was pierced for our transgressions, he was crushed for our iniquities; the punishment that brought us peace was upon him, and by his wounds we are healed."

Anonymous said...

"PRAISE GOD",I am continuing to pray for Isaac and the two of you.This will also be sent to good friend of mine. She already has you on the pray chain,for the nazerain church, in Trenton, Ont., sister-in-law sent me the pray request weeks ago.An i have continued to pray daily for the three of you. thank you for all the updates,espically this last one. Love and prays to all three of you,from Diane in trenton ont. canada

Anonymous said...

I am praying for sweet, refreshing rest for everyone involved.

Lynn & Ronnie said...

Isaac is a fighter! With all the angels at his side and the Great I AM holding him we believe with all our hearts he is in good hands. Our prayers continue many times each day. We continue to check this blog at least 10 times each day. Isaac and both of you have become a huge part of our lives! We love you and are joining you in rejoicing with each positive report expecting lots more of them. Lynn & Ronnie

Anonymous said...

The faith that you and Jordan has maintained through this whole ordeal blows me away. Needless to say it has made me think about where I stand and do I have faith like yours.

Isaac is in my prayers daily and in the prayers and thoughts of my family and friends. I praise God that Isaac is a fighter, and that he slowly shows areas of improvement. We serve a truly amazing God.

Thank you for your continued updates. This blog has reached so many people and touched so many lives.

Love in Christ,