Sunday, February 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Isaac

Beloved child::

One year ago today, God's miracle met us face to face. On a rainy night in Chapel Hill, our eyes beheld your precious face & looked into your eyes for the first time. At 3:40am, we held our breath as you entered this world with quiet strength. And from the moment we saw you, sweet boy, we were certain: you were perfect.

Sweet boy, we've never loved anyone more! You opened our hearts in ways indescribable & showed us the beauty of completely loving someone without limit. And that love simply grew by leaps & bounds with each passing day. Our lives are full because you have been here. It was amazing to see you grow, to see you open your eyes that became bluer with each passing day & your hair become so red. As soon as it was safe, we held you more than anyone has ever been held. You barely touched the bed once we could have you in our arms. What a joy to hold you! You'd always surprise us...sleeping soundly & the next thing we'd know, you'd be awake & looking straight at us with the sweetest look on your face. It always warmed our hearts to see you looking at us.

Isaac, you are the bravest little boy! No one has more strength than you. We remain amazed at all you endured with pure innocence & peace in your eyes. We would have given anything to take your hard road from you...oh, sweetheart, we would have given anything. On the days we were most afraid for you, its seemed so at peace & at times, would look at us. Silently, you communicated volumes to us - that you were going to be alright & we could trust God with you. You taught us so much & showed us strength when ours was gone. "And a child will lead them..." Mommy & Daddy love you so much & could not be more proud of you if we tried. Even the doctors & nurses fell in love with you, coming to visit you every time they were on campus & calling in on their days off just to check on baby Isaac. What a charmer you are! You are the darling of our hearts & of all who know of you.

Do you remember the day we brought you home? You slept the whole way! But once we had you settled, wrapped in your fuzzy car blanket, & rocking in your glider...your eyes opened with happiness shining through them. You were home! You were safe! Every moment home with you remains precious in our minds. You loved playing with would light up for him in such a special way. If you were hurting or sad, he'd simply put his hand on you & speak into your ear...and you'd relax so peacefully right away. A father's love. Mommy always enjoyed wrapping you up after a bath, snuggling you warm in your frog towel. Remember how you loved light? Whether a lamp or a window or the shiny birthday ribbons from Maima, they fascinated you! It was probably incredible to see the lights of heaven that day Jesus took you home. Did you love to see them, the shiny golden gates & all the precious stones shining in the light of the King? We can't wait for you to show them all to us...

We miss you, Isaac. We're overjoyed that you no longer have all the tubes & tests, that your heart has been made complete & you can laugh all day long. Sweet boy, you changed our world. You changed the world. We know you're happier than we can fathom. We do miss you though. And given the chance, we'd have you back in our arms & home again in an instant, tubes, machine, & all! You were worth every bit of it! It was our absolute joy & honor to take care of you, sweetheart. Sometimes the love of a parent rejoices in their child's gain even when it comes at their own loss. We cry only because we love you so very much & miss you...miss holding you, kissing your cheeks & belly, rocking you while you sleep & playing with you while you were awake. We love everything you are, Isaac.

A year ago, rain fell from the sky. Today, its beautiful outside. The shining sun turns our thoughts to you & the beauty you must be beholding this very minute in heaven. We love you, Isaac. We are so proud of you. We miss you but will see you someday soon.

Happy birthday, Isaac!

::Daddy & Mommy

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