Thursday, November 01, 2007

Pressing On...

Nearly every day, I've come to this site...browsed through the pictures of our perfect boy...and tried to find the words to scribe the next entry. And each time, the words are not to be found. What does one say? How can you describe the vast span of emotions & thoughts filling each day since Isaac died? Some days the strength is there & the smiles are genuine. Others, you're blindsided with paralyzing grief & a heaviness that reduces you to nothing but tears & longing for what you cannot get back this side of heaven. And the days in between fill with a mixture of everything between. All the while, two things remain: the real absence of our sweet boy & the ever-presence of God's love & comfort.

To be honest, there aren't many words to say. No words of inspiration nor incredible strength. No great insights or profound thoughts. Simply this - we are hurting, but one day at a time, we're making it through. God continues to carry us on the hardest days & reveal the many ways Isaac changed this world in his brave twenty-four weeks here on earth.