Thursday, March 22, 2007

Broviac Operation

Hard to believe that Isaac is three & a half weeks old already! While some days can feel a bit long, overall the time has simply flown by! He's looking better than ever, waking up more often to take in this new world. He looks more & more like daddy every day!

Today, Isaac will undergo an operation to put in a Broviac catheter. As you know, doctors have had a difficult time keeping cath lines in w/his small size & tendency to develop microclots. The subclavian line has been successful so far, but doctors want to get it out as soon as possible so no problems develop. Once Isaac undergoes the Glenn surgery in a few months, blood from the upper part of his body passively flows back to his heart. Thus, doctors want to keep all upper torso access points as clear as possible to prevent any problems for our boy in the future.

The Broviac is a semi-permenant catheter that can stay in place any period of time from several weeks to even years. Isaac will undergo a cut-down in the OR for optimum sterile conditions. The external access to the catheter is some distance from the internal entrance to the main line, decreasing risk of infection. The Broviac will allow for clean access into Isaac's system without the need for repeated pricks & attempts at temporary lines.

The operation will occur around 2p today, so be praying for our sweet boy. Thank you all for keeping Isaac in your hearts & prayers!


Mary said...

As always, we're on our knees. We serve a MIGHTY GOD!!! Much bigger than we can even begin to comprehend. Isaacs miracles are just a tiny speck compared to the power of the Almighty. Rest assured that God is blessing your faith in amazing ways! His hands are cradling your baby boy ever so gently! Keep that picture in your head continually!

Patty Honeycutt said...

We are praying without ceasing for Issac, and for you his parents. Even when I am prayed out of words for him, I know the Holy Spirit is still pleading my thoughts to the Father on Isaac's behalf. I am praying that strength, peace, and wisdom cover you like a blanket.

david and erika said...

We are praying!

"God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble"
Psalm 46:1

Charissa said...

Patience and Jordan,
I just wanted to let you know Jeremy and I have been reading your blog and are praying for you guys and your sweet little boy. We do serve a Mighty God and and we praise Him for the Faith he has given you!

In His love and grace, Charissa (Lewis) Jones

Tom and Catherine said...

Dear Patience and Jordan, your updates on Isaac continually amaze and encourage us because of your faith. It's easier to say we have faith than to live it. The way you're living your life speaks volumes to countless numbers of people you know and don't know.

We're part of your Daddy's care group and we just want you to know that we are emotionally involved with you and your precious Isaac. What's another miracle to God? Just pocket change! What a miighty God we serve!

Our prayers join others being lifted up all hours of the day and night from all corners of the earth! We send our love and pray God's very best blessings on you all!

Anonymous said...

We pray that this surgery went well and continue lifting Isaac and you up in our daily prayers. Thank you for sharing the pictures of your precious son. He is so handsome.

Steven & Kristina

Christal said...

You and Isaac are continuously in prayers. I thank-God for the resources available to you guys! Isaac in my eyes is not short from being a miracle. Matthew 19:26 says nothing is impossible to God. Keep the faith, God will guide you over this mountain!