Monday, March 12, 2007

Genetics Results & Prayer Requests

The reports have come in for Isaac's genetics labs, both the FISH test & full chromosomal work-up. It's official...everything came back NORMAL!!!!! No DiGeorge, no deletions, no duplications, no problems whatsoever! Hearing the news, we felt as though a huge burden had been lifted from our shoulders that we weren't even aware was there. God had given us peace through the waiting & now we can rejoice in the knowing that everything's fine. Thank you, Lord, for your faithfulness. How true You are to Your Word, giving peace amidst the raging sea through the long night, waiting for the shoreline to appear. No matter how dark the storm, the sun's warmth will always shine through in the end. Praise be to our God for this good report!

Prayer Requests::
Isaac is in need of a new PIC line, a catheter port that goes to the heart through which meds & nutrition can be supplied. His first PIC line became infected just prior to surgery, so use of arterial lines & a femoral line in his hip have been used since surgery. His femoral line is now leaking, this being his second line at the site. His former arterial line needed to be removed due to the development of a leak/clot. They have made multiple attempts to put in new arterial lines & a PIC line, so that he can continue receiving the necessary meds & feeds. However, due to his size & fragility, all attempts thus far have not succeeded. A collection of pricks & bruises are all he has to show for these attempts so far.

Our sweet boy needs this PIC line severely - to have adequate access to administer meds, draw blood, give nutrition & to remove the exisitng femoral line which is failing & at high risk of infection due to the length of time which it has been in place. Please pray that the next attempt will be successful. Our next option should they fail again is to surgically create access for a PIC line, which would require more stitches. So please pray that God would open access for this line to be put in successfully.


Crystal N. said...

Praise the Lord for this great news! God's hand is on this baby boy for sure. To God be the glory - Great things He has done.

I will be praying specifically for the PIC line to be inserted without additional surgery. Keep hanging in there. We are lifting you up in prayer.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update. We will bring this specific need before the Lord. He will provide. Keep on keepin' on. You have been so strong. We pray that the Lord will continue to give you all you need until Isaac gets to come home and beyond.

Anonymous said...

Gods faithfulness is everpresent and in abundance....even when it feels like ti comes in small doses:)

We love you all and little Isaac and will continue to pray.

the figs said...

praise to the Almight for baby isaac's progress & the wonderful news of the genetic testing. we will continue praying for isaac's specific needs.

"strength will rise as we wait upon the Lord...."

thanks for sharing these private & intimate moments with us.

<3, the figs

Crystal S said...

I am happy to hear that your test results were normal. I knew it would be. God is with you! I was out of town this weekend so I didn't get to see you guys this weekend, I hope you had fun with Larry and the group. I miss you all!


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear Isaac's tests results came back problem-free. God's continued blessings to you all.
Valerie Samuels
Matthews, NC

Christal said...

Praise God for always keeping His promises. His love never fails us. He is true to His Word as He is our comforter and Provider. We will keep Isaac in prayers!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord that everything came back normal! That is wonderful!

We will pray that the next attempt for the PIC line will be successful. Isaac looks so sweet!

Bryant & Hilary

Carol Canady said...

Praise God. I just had the feeling everything would be alright. It was so good to see Jordan on Wed. night. Jim Canady (my husband) was baptized that night after 23 years of praying and it was so good to have Jordon there. God is always with us and he will continue to bless you and your sweet boy. We miss you and love you both so much. Keep the faith.

Carol at C3