Friday, April 06, 2007

Quick Update

Today has been quite busy, so this update will be brief. Thank you all for lifting up our boy in prayer each day. God is faithful & continues to work in our sweet boy's life, even when the medical status seems confusing or contradictory. And while the roller coaster of this journey may be exhausting at times, we remain confident that He has a good purpose for all of this & goes with us through every step. Remember Isaiah 43.2: "When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze. For I am the LORD, your God, the Holy One of Israel, your Savior; I give Egypt for your ransom, Cush and Seba in your stead. Since you are precious and honored in my sight, and because I love you."

Isaac's left lung is open once again! With the combined efforts of his nurses & respiratory therapist, a large mucus plug was displaced & removed this afternoon. The bronchoscopy removed the remaining plugs, allowing his lung to fill with air once more. Thank you, Lord! What a blessing to hear some good news.

His Broviac line had to be removed today due to a leak. Early in the morning, it began leaking fluid & bleeding from the entrance site. Luckily, the doctors were able to place a subclavian line successfully without problems so the flow of meds did not experience long interruption. Isaac is also demonstrating some clotting difficulties, so the chest tube to drain fluid form the abdomen has been delayed. Lactate continues to flux between 4 & 8. Doctors are still trying to determine the cause for this.

That's all for now. Our sweet boy is resting peacefully now, with hopefully an uneventful night ahead.


Brian and Theresa Goodman said...

Hey you guys! We will continue praying for you! It is amazing to see how God has worked in Isaac's life thus far! That is great news to know that they were able to fix his lung! We love you guys!

The Goodmans

Victoria said...

You are an incredible little boy!! I cannot wait to see you!! You have been such an awesome example to so many people. It just goes to show you that God can use anyone at any time or age he wants to. Love you!!

Jordan and Patience,
I am still praying for you guys! I Love You Both!!

Anonymous said...

Patience and Jordan,
I know the physical and emotional demands of this journey have been challenging. As we recall the Lord's passion and death this Good Friday, I am reminded how the Lord has truly asked you both to share in His suffering. Your own personal journey on Calvary, trusting as you go. My prayer for you is for rest and refreshment of your mind, body,emotions, and spirit. The Lord loves you both so much and will provide for this as well. Isaac is in good hands. So rest and be refreshed. Love and Prayers today.
Aunt Maureen

Gina Witcher / Runnermom4 said...

Jordan and Patience,
Isaac is so precious. Thank you for the pictures.

Praise God for more answered prayer! Keep telling us the specifics and we will take it before the throne to the Great Healer continually.

I wanted to share that I knew this situaion had changed me and was continuing to work amazing things in my faith, but I had not realized it until a very difficult situation came upon Ken and I this week. I know how I have responded in the past, but I continued to think about how you both have dealt each blow often minute by minute, day after day, without much reprieve, laying yourself before God saying, "It's all yours, do what you will." I also began doing what I had been doing the past week in interceding for Baby Isaac, and that was going to scripture over and over and over and singing praise songs reminding myself of who God is, praising Him for the things He's done, and what He will do in the future... and peace covered my soul and I have not wavered even though we are still in the situation.

This situation with Isaac has grown me more in my faith than any situation in my life. I know that sounds corny, but it is true, and I am blessed to be able to be a part your's and Baby Isaac's life in this way. I hope I can tell him myself one day.

Anonymous said...

Great news about the lung!! We will continue to pray....

The Brewer's

Jacob said...

Good news! Thank you for being such a great example, I know it's tough but keep on pushing through! I'll be praying!

Gina Witcher / Runnermom4 said...

Heavenly Father,
We pray for Isaac's blood to begin clotting normally. We pray that they will be able to get a tube in his chest to get the excess liquid out of his abdomen... or for you to remove the fluid yourself. We pray for continued success of ports for his meds, and for his lactate to go back to normal range, or for the doctors to figure out why it continues to fluctuate, and for it to be a simple solution.

We thank you so much for Baby Isaac. We continue to pray for constant protection from the enemy and for health and healing beyond human understanding. Give Jordan and Patience rest and strength to handle every report, and give the doctors wisdom and direction as they make decisions and look for answers.

Crystal Nichols & family said...

Psalm 146:5, "Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the Lord his God."

I am so thankful that the Lord enabled the doctors to correct Isaac's collapsed lung. I continue to pray for wisdom for all of those who are medically treating Isaac.

You are in our thoughts and prayers, not only today, but every day. We love you all.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord Isaac's lung has opened back up!

Your little boy has so much strength and is such a fighter!

I'm still praying for you all.

Love in Christ,

Lynn & Ronnie said...

Halleluiah! Thank You Lord for your mercy and goodness. Wonderful news and we will continue to pray for Isaac's continued improvement and healing. Patience & Jordan you are remarkable. Your faith & courage is a testimony all in itself. As our family and friends gather with us to celebrate Easter, the three of you will be in our hearts and prayers. Patience, I know how hard it must be as a mother not to be able to hold your baby in your arms anytime you want to. I can only imagine your anticipation of doing so because I too long to hold Isaac and tell him how much I love him & how much he has changed so many lives and restored faith in so many people. I do believe one day soon I will get a chance to! Like so many others we can't wait for the three of you to come home! We will continue to pray! Thanks for the adorable photo. I am printing a copy so that every time we see it we will remember to thank God for this beautiful little baby!
Lynn & Ronnie

Anonymous said...

Patience & Jordan,
Thank you for the updates on your sweet Isaac. I check this board day and night to continue to know how to pray for Isaac and for both of you.

All three of you are absolutely amazing and being used of our Lord in an incredible testimony of trust and faith. May God continue to carry each of you and may He continue to heal Isaac every day.

Christian love,
Tina DeLuca & family

Gloria said...

Praise God!!
I just can't wait to see Baby Isaac to grow up t be like his Parents!!!

Anonymous said...

Our family is in continued prayer for your family. Thank you for continuing to share this amazing journey with all of us.

Anonymous said...

Patience and Jordan,

Thank you for placing pictures of Isaac on here. Watching the difference in his over all appearance shows us how much better he is doing. It is wonderful to be a part of this.

I am very glad that the news continues to be positive. Although a few other issues have popped up here and there, overall, he is doing exceedingly better.

We will continue to pray about his lactate level, and ask God to help the doctors determine what the problem is.

Praise God for his continuous victory and complete recovery!

Rebecca VanderWerff

Christal said...

Praise God for baby Isaac and all that God has done so far! We love you and Isaac is being lifted up constantly through-out the day, everyday! As we enter upon Easter, I have to remember that Jesus' blood was shed upon the cross so that we all could have life, and live in the promises of God. Praise God for the breath in Isaac's lung and in our ours! Praise god for our Father willing to sacrifice His only son, so we may live.

Happy Easter!

Anonymous said...

What a fighter! Amazing. You are all in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Praise God for all his miracles! I'm so glad to hear about Isaac's lung. We are continuing prayer for all of you. Steve and I had an Easter miracle occur the first year we were at C3. I'm certain that God has a miracle in store for all of you at this wonderful time of year. Happy Easter to you guys. We are all looking forward to seeing you and Isaac at church soon. May God bless you.
Steve and Janie Truelove

Chad, Bridgette, Emme, & Levi said...

I am continually thinking of your family and praying for your precious boy. I am Nat Renstrom's sister! Thank you for your continued updates!
Sincerely, Bridgette, Boise, ID

Anonymous said...

Praise God!!
he is going to grow up just like his parents!!!!!!

donnalou vallas said...

My prayers are with you. I am so grateful that Athena made me aware of Baby Isaac's fight to live. I know God will give all of you the strenth to pull through these hard times My family and I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers.

not a wife said...

mom and dad- my heart goes out to you. i cannot imagine going through this. many hugs and best wishes. of course iwill pray for your precious baby. isaac- hang in there sweetie. you are here for a reason. much love