Monday, May 07, 2007


Isaac's pH is improving, moving towards safe levels. However, his blood pressure is much worse - map in the low 30's despite increased epinepherine & added milrinone.


Anonymous said...

We at Journey Fellowship continue to pray for healing for Issac and strength for you both. May God continue to carry you through these ups and down and may you continue to lean on Him!

Anonymous said...

Dear God I pray that you will see Isaac through this difficult time and I lift him up to you Lord as well as Patience and Jordan. I pray that your mighty hand will guide them all through this long night. Let them know that we are praying for a miracle for Baby Isaac that can only be delivered by your mighty hand. God Bless them all Father I pray. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Be still in his presence and know that he is GOD.I rest in the all knowing,especially when I don't.The Angles are back on their tip toes watching over your sweet little boy.At critical times like this I get my bible out and start reading.I'm not well versed enough to call down the word of GOD but I can sure read and pray.SO TONIGHT I READ AND PRAY FOR YOU..Debra W.

anita said...

Myself and the faithful believers at First Assembly of God in Fort Myers are praying, praying, praying. Love you guys...

Anonymous said...

Heavenly Father,
You have continually walked this journey holding little Isaac in the palm of Your Hand. We ask that you would pour your healing love down upon little Isaac's weary body. Fill him with the comfort of your peace and give him strength. Bless the doctors and nurses and all who are caring for little Isaac with the wisdom and grace to be Your instruments of healing. Please suatain Patience and Jordan in this time of uncertainty to know the comfort of Your love and strength. You are the Creator of each precious life. Please bless this little child who has been made perfectly in Your image. We humbly ask Your merciful kindness to be shown in this situation and bring this family who has been so faithful and steadfast in their commitment to accept Your Will through this difficult storm. We ask this in Jesus' name.
We love you all so much!

Gina Witcher / Runnermom4 said...

Lord, Please place you hand on Isaac's heart tonight. Bring his blood pressure up to where it needs to be. Strengthen him with your strength. Touch his little body... When we are weak You are strong. When we can't go on you are our strength. Please be these things to this little boy who does not even know You yet. I pray He will become old enough to know You and know what You have done in his life, and in the lives of hundreds of people who prayed for him day and night for months.

He is part of our day, and we check this blog continually to see what You are doing. Please be with our precious baby whom we love and care so much for.

Hold Jordan & Patience during all these ups and downs. Be their strength. Be their comfort. Be their Rock to hold on to. Be their rest tonight.

We love you and thank you Lord that we can come to the God of the Universe. The creator of hearts and lungs and vocal chords and tissue... and lay our requests at your feel knowing that you hear and care.

Jane-Jane said...

Lord, I am pleading with you on Isac's behalf... please heal his little body. Jesus, I pray that you will comfort him as he lays there in his hospital bed. We lift up Isac, our gift from you; we lift up his parents that have been so loving and faithful to you Lord these past months. Lord, please hear our prayers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,
Please place your healing hand on Isaac's body to bring his blood pressure up, and provide him with a peaceful sleep as you continue to work on him and in the lives of his family and all those that are praying for him. Give Patience and Jordan a peace and understanding that only You can provide. Provide them with the strength and rest needed to be there for Isaac. Thank You God for this child who has reached so many people before he has even spoken a single word. Bless this child and family with another miracle and keep them embraced with Your presence as they continue to be faithful.

In Jesus name - Amen

I will keep praying for Isaac
Al B.

Anonymous said...

Lord, we come to you again in prayer and ask for another miracle for little Isaac. We pray that You will hold him in Your loving arms, and help to bring his blood pressure back to normal. Lord, Isaac has touch so many lives in this world through this blog, and his God loving parents. Through Patience & Jordan we have all seen the work you have done for their precious baby boy. Heal him Lord, like only the Awesome God that we all know and love can. We lift Isaac up to You!!!!! In all this I pray, Amen
Pam, Chesapeake, Va.

Anonymous said...

Be strong and courageous!! Jesus is with you, Isaac. He has you in His hand every moment, every day. He'll see you through this!

Lord, in Your name, we pray for Isaac's healing. May his healing bring you glory and fame. Thank you Lord!!

We're praying for you all...
Sarah, Jeremy & Noah Samek

Anonymous said...

Lord, I know that You know the beginning from the ending. You know the number of days that You have given Isaac. I pray for Your will. Peace and wisdom for Jordan and Patience, health for Isaac. Mercy from you. When Isaac's days and purpose have been accomplished, that there would be no more suffering for that sweet weary baby and rest for Jordan and Patience. They have been long-suffering and stedfast through this hard journey. Let us all hold Isaac loosely here, because there is rest, peace, health, and joy with the Lord. Give all the bloggers wisdom in their prayers and especially for the ones with young children. Since I know that I don't know your will for Isaac's life, I pray God's will be done. We love you Lord, and we lift our voice, to worship you Oh my soul, rejoice. Take joy my King, in what you hear. May it be a sweet, sweet sound, in your ear.

Anonymous said...

Dear Jordan & Patience, I have been up for the past 2 1/2 hours or so, and I could not get back to sleep, so I have been catching up with your blog, and updates on Isaac, and laying him before the Lord. You are all three on my heart, and I will continue to pray for Isaac today.
I love each of you so much.
Your sis, Kim
Ps. 61:1-4

Anonymous said...

Please God, Hold that precious boy in your arms and strenghthen his little body.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord,

Please intercede on Isaac's behalf and work your miracles of healing. Baby Isaac has fought hard and needs your healing hands placed upon him today. I pray for Jordan and Patience as they wait patiently on their little boy to begin trending in the right direction. Peace be with all three of them.

Anonymous said...

We are calling down heaven on sweet Issac's behalf, knowing that God is in the business of healing and restoring!! Thank you so much for sharing your little boy with us and for letting us into your hearts for a glimpse.

Anonymous said...

We're Praying, Pai. We're praying hard.

Tell Isaac that I'm going to come and see him again. Perhaps that will be incentive to get better quicker. Just a thought. :-)

Love you all.


Anonymous said...

Issac is in my prayers several times a day. He is such a fighter and I know you love him so very much. May God be with him and give him strength to continue his battle and may He give you all the strength to see him go through all that he is facing.
Dear Lord, please be merciful and don't let Issac suffer needlessly.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lord please keep Isaac in your healing hands. I pray that if it is your will that he come through this. I pray for peace for his mom and family. I pray for his health care team. I know you will never put on anyone what they can't handle. Lord please continue to give them strength.

In your Holy Name.
Brandy Crocker & Family

Anonymous said...

We will keep Isaac in our prayers today. We pray that God will heal your baby boy. He is such a sweet little baby and we pray God will give him the strength to recover soon!

Love & Prayers,

Bryant & Hilary

dianett said...

Patience & Jordan,

With tears in my eyes, I cry out to God and pray for Isaac's healing, but most of all for God's will to be done. It breaks my heart to see little Issac going through so much in such a short time. The only thing I can say to you both is to stay strong during this very difficult time, and hold on to the Lord, as he has control over all things. As someone said, God has a purpose for all this, you might not know or even understand what the purpose is at this time, and you may never know, but we are not here to understand God's purposes but to serve him and obey him. May God continue to strengthen you all.

God Bless You!
Dianett & Sam