Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Isaac has arrived!

Where to begin... So much has happened since Friday with even more left to occur. We don't have the words to adequately express our gratitude to you all for your countless prayers for our family. We've been overwhelmed by everyone's love for us & our son through this journey. God certainly has great plans in store for our sweet boy. Thank you all for continuing to lift him up in prayer as each new circumstance arises. Thank you also for your patience with us in getting the blog updated. Between tests & meetings w/doctors & attempting to recover from the whole birthing experience, we've not had two minutes to rub together. I was discharged from the hospital today & we are now residing at the Ronald McDonald House in Chapel Hill, so hopefully we'll be able to get a bit more rest & have a chance to catch up on things. For the sake of time & sanity, I'll just summarize all that has happened to this point.

I was awake all through Friday night with lower back pain that continued through the day on Saturday with increasing severity. Around 4:30p, we packed the last of our bags & headed out to Chapel Hill, curious if this was the real thing. We were admitted by 6p & at 3:40a Sunday morning, February 25, Isaac Jordan Leino was born! 7 lb. 10 oz. & almost 19 inches long (48 cm). After a few minutes, they got him breathing & I was able to hold him for a few seconds for a quick picture. Then the NICU team rushed him off to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit to stabalize his breathing & get all the necessary lines in him for meds, monitoring & oxygen.

Unexpected News:
About an hour after birth, a NICU nurse, Laurel, came to our room to give us an update on Isaac. After much effort, they were able to get all needed lines in to him, stabalize his levels, & do a full evaluation of his health & status. He was now incubated as he was needing to put so much effort into breathing on his own, though breathing room air with low oxygen assistance. Sonogram confirmed the presence of HLHS, so he was now receiving prostyglandin through an IV to keep the ductus arteriosis open in his heart. Laurel told us that several other defects/abnormalities were also discovered, now giving cause for more testing to be done. Isaac has a cleft palate. His left ear is malformed, giving concern to his ability to hear out of that ear. Excess skin folds on the back of the neck were present, which often is indicative of other problems. He also has a spot on his lower back that was discolored & dimpled in, which could mean spinal development problems. Due to the combination of these defects, the doctors decided to do a genetic evaluation, retesting his chromosomes for abnormalities, particularly DiGeorge syndrome. These all had been tested during pregnancy coming back as normal, but it is possible that they may have missed something in the original test. It is also possible to have these defects with no genetic syndrome present, so we will continue to pray that the tests come back confirming that there are no genetic problems.

Some Good News:
On a good note, Patience was able to hold Isaac for the first time since delivery on Monday at 5pm for about 1.5 hrs. This was quite an endeavor since he's hooked up to all the machines, but was a very sweet time of bonding for the three of us. Later Monday night at 11pm, I (Jordan) was able to hold him for the first time. Words can't express the emotions Patience and I felt while being able to hold him close. He's so beautiful and strong through all of this. Even the nurses and doctors have commented on his high tolerance and strength thus far. On Monday morning, they did some sonograms of his brain, spine, and kidneys. This morning (Tuesday), they let us know that his brain, spine, and kidneys look great, with the exception of a small cist on the back of his head and another small cist on his back. The doctor said that they would continue to watch these cists, but have no reason to think they will be a problem. We praise God for these good reports!

Some Bad News:
At 2:30pm on Monday afternoon, they did an x-ray of Isaac's diaphram. They found that his diaphram had not developed completely, resulting in the inability to take deep breaths. This is probably why he was having such a hard time breathing when he was born, which was the reason for needing the ventilator. We spoke with one of the cardiologists, Dr. Buck, today about this finding. He and Dr. Mill (the heart surgeon) had met for a while today discussing the surgery and the effects this finding about the diaphram will have on the surgery. He also spoke of the possibility of doing a tracheotomy to assist his breathing. We don't know all the details about the diaphram and surgery quite yet. We are scheduled to meet with Dr. Mill (the surgeon) Wednesday morning after he's done with a morning surgery to discuss the details of Isaac's condition and surgery.

Just a little while ago, Isaac was moved from the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) to the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit). In the PICU, the nurses will be able to get to know Isaac, his condition, and care needs prior to the surgery, so that they'll be able provide the best care for him after the operation.

As of right now, the heart surgery is scheduled to take place early Friday morning. Over the next couple days, leading up to the surgery, they will be carefully reviewing his condition and test results to be sure they have all the necessary information needed to be as successful as possible in the operation.

(P.S. We'll post pictures soon.)


Crystal Nichols said...

Please know that you all are in my thoughts and prayers. May the Lord continue to strengthen you all. May you continue to find comfort in knowing that Isaac is in the palm of the Great Physician who is still in the miracle business. Exodus 15:26 says, "I am the LORD who heals you."

Anonymous said...

He is still in our prayers for a miracle. Me and the rest of the small group and praise and worship team I know are dilligently praying everyday. Isaac has been a symbol of faith from the moment he was concieved and named just accordingly. You two are awesome parents and 2-3 years from now, we will all look back and say wow! God truly is greater than our minds can concieve. We love you guys dearly!

Anonymous said...

We are all praying for you guys. What an example of faith as you wait on what the Lord is doing to supply all your needs. We love you and your precious son.

In Christ's Love,
Jill and Mark

Carlyn said...

We are so happy that Isaac is here! We pray for strength and wisdom for the two of you, and healing for baby Isaac! Makayla still prays for all three of you every night. Jehovah Rapha is still in control and will carry all three of you through this.

As Paul says in 2 Corinthians 12:9, But he said to me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness." Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ's power may rest on me.

This verse has carried me through many trials in my life. I know it will do the same for you.

Benjamin, Carlyn & Makayla

Anonymous said...

Jordan, Patience and Issaic,
God is good! Praise the Lord for the birth of little Issaic. God creating him is a miracle and how encouraging to know that God, Creator, Sustainer, Healer, LORD, is still in controll! Clint and I are praying for you as well as our circle here. I ask the Lord to grant you all strength and endurance, rest and peace in HIM.

Anonymous said...

I just want you guys to know that I admire your strength, faith and courage that you have. We always hear that God will never put more on us than we can take, and it is so apparent that God confidently chose you two to be Issac's Mommy and Daddy. Thank you for allowing us all to be a part of your special sweet boys recovery, we love you and are praying for Gods will and peace in the days to come.

Rhonda said...

Your beautiful family will persevere with the help of God, who loves you and will be with you every step of the way. We anxiously await your next blog with updates.
We love you
Rhonda & Doug Pearce

Erika and David said...

Jordan and Patience,

Isaac sounds like a beautiful, strong and very brave little baby!

God is with you! He loves you all so much!

We love you all!

Mir Haynes said...

Jordan and Patience,

Mike and I read your blog just now and we wanted to let you guys know how much we love and lift you up right now. Merrit was also born at UNC, had a cleft palate, had other defects, and needed a trach tube (which he had for 15 months). Mike and I remember so well the range of emotions, the learning curve on all the medical information, how overwhelming it can be. We're here if you need us. Hugs to Isaac!

Crystal S said...

I am praying for you. We discussed you guys last night at my women's bible study. They were asking if there was anything they could do. As far as I know, prayers are the only thing. I just hope that he will fully recover from everything. I love you guys, you deserve the best.


Anonymous said...

You remain in our prayers throughout the day. So glad that Baby Isaac is finally here and we pray that God will work a miracle in his life. We can't wait to see him!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, Patience and Sweet Isaac (as we call him here)! We love you!!! Thanks for taking the time to share with all of us as you absorb so much. Know that we continue to pray for strength, an ability to take it all in, peace, and more of those sweet tender moments with your precious son. We love you so very much!!! RKNBE

Adam and Nat said...

So excited that Issac is here. All day yesterday I kept checking to see if there was an update. :) We will continue to pray for his health and recovery and for your strength also through this. Praise the Lord that you anticipated a lot of this and the rest was not a surprise to God either. We love you guys!

anita said...

He has started a good work in not only Isaac.... but also in his parents... and He is faithful to complete that which he has started. Your positive outlook and total reliance on the Lord WILL change the lives of those around you at Chapel Hill... I am so proud of you... Auntie Anita

Cory Bolduc said...

Wow, what a testimony he has already. It's still fresh in my mind the host of emotions with bringing a new child in this world although I know you two are experiencing much more than that. Know that you are pillars of strength to everyone around you as we see you trust in God for your strength.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your precious gift from God. You all continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. We know that God is the great physician and He cradles Issac in His arms with the most powerful love one can feel. Stay strong and let God.

In Christ,
Rick & Shelia

Bruce Elsheimer said...

I just wanted to let you guys know that Cindy and David and I are praying for you and God's continued love and work in your lives. He loves you guys and Isaac infinitely more than we can imagine!

Psalm 103

Anonymous said...

The Pipes Family is praying for you today. We know God has an amazing plan for Isaac's life and because of your commitment and faith in God many people will come to know Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Isacc is already touching lives! You are a blessing and a testimony to us all.

If you can read Proverbs 3:5,6. We love you!

Chris, Debi, Noah & Sawyer

Anonymous said...

you all have been on my mind and prayers. God is doing great things with Isaac.
Love ya,
Julie BAys

Anonymous said...

I know that this additional news is hard to hear. I've learned that sometimes our circumstances have to seem very bleak so that when God delivers His miracle, it will be clear to all who witness it, that it was not the work of man-it was a true work of God. Two years ago my mom told us that she had to have some tests done. God spoke to me and said, "The news is going to sound bad, but it's going to be ok." The test came in-cancer. Then came more tests to determine stage. God spoke to me again, "It's going to get worse, but it's going to be ok." Tests showed it was stage 4. The survival rate was less than 2%. After much chemo and 3 surguries, doctors thought they had removed all of the tumors (a miracle in itself). But God told me, "It's not over yet." Several large tumors appeared months later and the news was bad-they were inoperable. I really struggled with my faith at that point but managed to still trust God. Two months later, the tumors miraculously disappeared and blood test indicated an absence of cancer. Doctors could not offer a medical explanation. Countless non-christian people have witnessed our struggle and have asked us to tell them about the God we trust so much.

Isaac's condition and your faith through it all is ministering to lost souls all around you. Stay faithful and look to God for your strength and peace. Jesus said,"I will never leave you nor forsake you." And remember, God is still in the business of miraculous healings. The verse that sustained me through my mom's cancer was John 11:4 where Jesus said, "This sickness is not unto death but for the glory of God that the Son of God may be glorified by it." We're praying everyday for a healing for Isaac and strength and peace for all of you.

Ken Witcher said...

Having had a bunch of kids, I know how special each one is to God and to you. I can't imagine going through what you are going through right now. I do know that God will use this experience in your lives to raise you up for His purposes. You guys are already an inspiration to many. We are praying for you and for your miracle baby Isaac.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Florida. I have been reading your site through a mutual friend and have been praying for you and that little boy since I heard. We have never met, but I guess went to LU together and your page has just struck me. Please know that you have a prayer circle down here and we are trusting for the best for baby Isaac.

Anonymous said...

Jordan and Paitence what a blessing Isaac has arrived. Thank you for taking the time to share this remarkable journey. Your family is in our prayers.

Anonymous said...

God is Great!!! I praise Him for the Birth Of Isaac. I can hardly wait to see what mighty things this young man will do for the Kingdom. We are all praying for you guys. You have already been a testimony to our family. We are with you guys in prayer, let us know how we can help.
Matt and Michelle Thomas

Daryl Strickland said...

We are excited that Issiac is finally here and are expecting big things over the next few weeks.

I remember with Philip how the doctors would tell us stuff each day that they thought he had and I can't explain the peace I had each time, just knowing, God love this child even more than I do.

We love you guys and are praying for your family.

To God be the Glory!

Anonymous said...

Jesus loves you this I know,
For the Bible tells me so
Little ones to Him belong.
You are weak, but He is strong.
Yes, Jesus loves you
Yes, Jesus loves you
Yes, Jesus loves you
The Bible tells me so...

I sang this to your Daddy when he was little and am singing it to you now when I see you.
Your parents are in the center of our Lord's will and they have put you in His hands. There is no better place to be. I am praying for you, your parents, the doctors and nurses and our family as we walk through these days with you. Knowing you are in His love and care, Grandma L.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Psam 34:18-19

The Lord is near to the brokenhearted, and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous; but the Lord delivers him out of them all.

Joy said...

I am praying you guys constantly. We all serve an almighty God that can do miracles. That's what I'm praying for. I love you guys!

rebekah king said...

You've got a whole bunch of the Lifepoint crew down here praying over you guys. We love you and continue to pray for strength, patience, comfort and joy.

Isaiah 40:31
But those who wait upon God get fresh strength. They spread their wings and soar like eagles. They run and don't get tired, they walk and don't lag behind.

Anonymous said...

I am praying for all of you!! You show amazing strength and dependence on the Lord that is so inspiring!

love love love,
Katie Benitez

Sarah Coates said...

Patience and Jordan, I love and respect you both so much. Your strength and faithfulness to God is such a testimony to me and encourages me daily. It struck me this morning that God chose YOU to raise HIS child. He was going to bring Isaac into this world regardless, but He has entrusted YOU with His child. What a privelege to be chosen by God! And what a blessing! The Lord is going to move in so many lives because of the Leino testimony- I believe that with my whole heart. I also believe Jeremiah 29:11 for Isaac and your family. The thousands of prayers that have already be prayed will not return void!

Lauren said...

Jordan and Patience,
We just recieved info on Isaac. He is in everyones prayers at Lifepoint. Stay strong in your faith and God is with your whole family
lauren barbour

Anonymous said...

Patience and Jordan,
I just want you to know that you and your sweet little one are in my thoughts and prayers. My WINGS group at church is praying for you and Isaac. Please let me know of anything that I can do for you.
Angela Sims

Anonymous said...

We will continue to pray for your family. God has great things in store for Isaac. Your family at C3 loves you.

Ken & Sherri said...

We share mutual friends, Ray & Patty Honeycutt. Wanted you to know that we are praying for all of you! Joshua 1:5b, "I will not abandon you or fail to help you". Keep the faith and we will pass this on to our church family, Hickory Grove. God be with you!

Anonymous said...

Patience, Jordan and Baby Isaac,

Erica, Easton, Jordan, Lacy and myself can not wait to see you guys pushing the stroller thru the neighborhood. You are in our thoughts and prayers. God is with you!!

Gwen Smothers

Anonymous said...

You are so loved by so many people. God will hold the three of you tenderly in His Loving Hands. Our prayers are with you and our love to you both as God walks you through His plan. Grace and Peace!
Kurt, Lisa & family

Anonymous said...

May God continue to bless you with strength (and rest)!! We are praying for you all daily.
Love, Mike, Erin, Lilly and Lila Day

Anonymous said...

A ladies bible study is praying for you tonight in Springdale , AR.
We are believing God for great things!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new baby! We have his picture on our fridge...he is so precious and cute! I've been getting updates from your Dad and now from your blog! You, Jordan and Isaac have been and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers... expecially this friday. I miss you and love you!


Anonymous said...

Dear Jordan and Patience,

Congratulations on the birth of your son. All three of you have been in our prayers for months. We will continue to check your blog for updates. The new little life has a hand in yours and in God's. He is being care for by the best physicians and the angels. We pray for his health, and your energy to love and nuture him. Aunt Cora and family

Anonymous said...

You are all in our prayers. Hold on to your faith and God will know you and remember you. Our Father has an awesome plan for little Isaac and we can only imagine what He has in store for him. Remember the names of our God and draw strength from them. He is JEHOVAH-ROHI: The Lord who heals. He is JEHOVAH-JIREH: The Lord will provide. He is JEHOVAH-ROHI: The Lord our shepherd. He is JEHOVAH-SHAMMAH: The Lord is there. And He is JEHOVAH ELOHIM: LORD GOD! Praise be to the Father for His beautiful creation, who we know as Isaac. Blessed be the name of the Lord and His blessings upon you three. We can't until you post pictures of your little angel!

We love you guys,
Scott & Harriett Moody

Anonymous said...

That was supposed to be "We can't wait until you post pictures of your little angel!"

Anonymous said...

Patience & Jordan,
Congratulations on Isaac's birth. You are both in our constant thoughts and prayers. We have many people praying for little Isaac and you both as well as all the Doctors and nurses. The Lord is clearly in charge and we will all trust in His providence. I know Grandma & Grandpa Roddy are praying for him and Grandma Gilkey are praying with us from heaven. We love you both.
Aunt Maureen & Uncle John

paul brophy said...

Stay strong by leaning on the Lord. These things never make sense but the love of our God does. HE will be strong in these times. I pray for peace and strength for all of you. God is in control and that can be posted as GOOD NEWS. A friend of ours just went through this also and they were at A RM house too for 3 months but their little girl has now been home for 6 months and is doing better every day. In Him, Paul

Lynn & Ronnie said...

We haven't even met yet but we want you both and your family to know that a day does not go by that we do not lift Isaac up in our prayers. You are an inspiration to all of us and your testimony of trusting God is an awesome example to strive for. God bless you and thank you for sharing little Isaac with us. He is truly a special part of all our lives!
Lynn & Ronnie Thomas

Christy Miller said...

Patience, Jordan, and baby Isaac...We want you all to know that we will be on our knees in prayer for all three of you and the doctors tonight for babys surgery tomorrow morning. We love ya'll so much and want you to know that you mean the world to us and you guys are so brave and I am so glad that God is in the center of your lives and We know that He has a great plan for baby Isaac. We Love You! :)

Christy and Thomas Miller

Anonymous said...

Jordan and Patience,

Congratulations on baby Isaac! We all know how very excited you are! Please know that we are all praying for your family. As Isaac enters his surgery tomorrow, know that God will perform a miracle! He is the great healer and He will use Isaac's testimony to glorify His name. Know that we are all praying for you and you have all of our love.
God Bless,
Theresa Alampi

Erin said...

JOrdan and Patience,

I am a member of C3 and through them I have learned of your situation... I send you my best and most heartfelt wishes and you all will be in my prayers. As a mother of 3 I understand the concern you feel. My first daughter was born with a heart murmur and for the first 3 weeks of her life I was on edge and scared out of my mind, until finally with the Grace of God the doctors told me the murmur mysteriously left... This is what I hope for you all as well. Keep praying - keep believing - keep trusting in God and all will fall into place. He does not allow anything to happen unless it goes through Him first. May God continue to bless you and may the surgery this morning have gone extremely well. Babies are blessings.. true indeed.


A caring mother and parish member.

Nathan Detroit said...

Jordan, Patience and Isaac,

It's Lisa and Nathan Hykes, friends from long ago Liberty. Nathan was roommates with Tim Dalrymple. Our deepest prayers and thoughts to you. What a blessing of life and test of faith.
In Christ