Thursday, January 11, 2007

Friday is a big day...

Tomorrow we spend the whole day at UNC. Its going to be a big step in preparing for our little boy's arrival & the days following his birth as his due date is now only 7 weeks away.

We'll begin by meeting with Dr. Robert Strauss, a specialist in high-risk obstetrics. He'll be talking us through the delivery process in light of our boy's high-risk status. Then, at 11a, we have a follow-up fetal echocardiogram with Dr. John Cotton, the phenomenal doctor who diagnosed baby Leino's heart condition & helped us wrap our minds around his situation. The last time his heart was analyzed so closely was 12 weeks ago & as he's much bigger now, we'll be able to see far more specific details about his state. This will allow us to have a better idea of when & what his first surgery will entail - in case there are other problems needing to be addressed as well. Later that afternoon, we'll tour both the NICU & the PICU, getting familiar with the two places our boy will pre & post surgery. Finally, a meeting with neo-natologist, Dr. McCaffery, to go over our boy's care post-birth.

This is a big day. Please be praying for Jordan & I as we'll be having to take in a lot of information & surroundings. We're still praying that a miracle occurs as God is more that able to heal his heart. However, even if nothing changes in our boy's heart, we still trust & love Him, knowing His plan is perfect & He has this situation in complete control. So please pray. Pray for the doctors, for wisdom in everything that will occur tomorrow. Pray for our boy, that he continues to grow strong & healthy. And pray for Jordan & I, for the ears to hear whatever may need to be discussed tomorrow & the faith to fully trust our God in the face of all of it as we learn more of the specifics.

God's plan for our boy & us is great. We know He loves us so much! Our eyes are fixed on Him.


Anonymous said...

I love you guys! You all are such an example to me as you deal with everything going on with complete trust and faith in God and His love for you and your son. I am praying for you all!


Nancy said...

I'm anxious to hear all about your meeting Friday. I just saw the entry about the sono-it was such a joy to spend that time with you all and your baby boy!! Love you--you are an inspiration to all of us!