Thursday, January 18, 2007

Baby Leino at 34 Weeks

Today, I'm 34 weeks pregnant. Time has simply flown by! Only 6ish more weeks and our little man will be here!

As you know, he has HLHS, a congenital heart defect. He also has a two-cord umbilical cord (normally, this is a three-cord). Due to these two conditions, our Care Coordinator at UNC scheduled a follow-up sonogram to check all the body & size measurements. Dr. Tony Swartz did the sonogram. He actually worked on research w/Dr. Trevett, the man who initially diagnosed our boy's heart condition. Dr. Swartz was delightful, talking me through the entire exam. No wonder my ribs have been aching - his feet are stretched out right under them! Everything is measuring perfectly on our boy, right on track in his size & weight with normal babies! What a blessing! He started out undersized, due to my own nutrition problems & his heart condition. Now he's completely on track! 4 lbs 13 oz! To God be the Glory!! Towards the end of the exam, Tony offered to take some 3D pictures. Luckily, he only had one hand up by his face this time instead of both hands & a foot. So here's our little boy! His chin is tucked down into his chest as he was all balled up. Enjoy!


rebekah king said...

C'mon! We need the NAME of this little man! How long shall we wait in vain?! =)

Sarah Samek said...

that is one good looking little guy! he is perfect and is such a miracle!

Anonymous said...


we all can't wait to see the little man!


Anonymous said...

Cuter than ever!